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Fiberglass boat bottom repair, Sacramento, CA.  Due to the nature of boating activities, fiberglass boat bottoms often have collisions with unseen underwater hazards. Boat bottom fiberglass repair must be strong as the boat bottom does double duty.  First, the fiberglass boat bottom must be water tight to enable a boat to float.  Second, the fiberglass boat bottom must be both strong and flexible to withstand intense impact and vibrational stresses.  A boat going across the water at 30mph and hitting waves spaced every two feet will be impacting waves at the rate of 22 wave impacts per second.  This creates tremendous stress and vibration so all fiberglass repairs must be done to acheive 100% of the original strength without creating any "hard spots".  The gel coat must be applied properly to keep it from peeling off while the boat is in service due to cavitation or water pressure and friction. 
Here at Sacramento Boat Repair the owner has 48 years of fiberglass boat building and fiberglass boat repair.  The newest employee has been with Sacramento Boat Repair 18 years and has done fiberglass repair for more than 25 years.  You are assured of the top skilled marine composite repair specialist in the Sacramento region for all your fiberglass boat repair needs.
All underwater collison photos shot on premises at our Sacramento, Ca boat shop.

Boat Bottom Repairs: Before 

Rock collision damage to fiberglass and gelcoat at the keel of this Sea Ray boat.

sacramento boat repair
searay3.jpg, boat bottom fiberglass damage

A 26 foot boat ran aground.  Bottom collision damage resulted in fracturing and gouging to the fiberglass bottom.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                .

sacramento boat repair
bottom01.jpg boat bottom damage

 This boat grounded on the starboard chine against a rock. Fiberglass repairs are in processs.  Trailer is masked off and the damaged fiberglass was ground away, and new fiberglass laminate has been applied.

sacramento boat repair

Sea Ray boat hit an underwater obstruction on Folsom Lake.  The collision tore a large section of fiberglass off the bottom.  This boat hit the underwater bridge on the South Fork in Folsom Lake.                                                                                                                                                                                                 .
sacramento boat repair
sea ray boat bottom fiberglass damage

Hard underwater collision severely damaging the bottom.

fiberglass repair sacramento

Bluewater boat with severe bottom collision  impact.  Engine was removed and fiberglass repair was done inside first.  Then boat removed from trailer and fiberglass repairs were done to the outside of the bottom.  Engine was put back in and the boat is done.  This damage happened at Folsom Lake.

fiberglass repair sacramento

Boat Bottom Repairs: After

Boat removed from trailer, and fiberglass and gelcoat repairs completed.

sacramento boat repair
searay4.jpg, boat bottom fiberglass repairs

The boat is removed from trailer.  The bottom fiberglass is ground feathering back a large surface and a inner surface mold set up.  Fiberglass is then applied to develop proper laminations for stiffness, strenght and flexibility.  Sanded and then gelcoat is applied.  This is then sanded with multiple grits of sandpaper for smoothness.  Then the gel coat is buffed to a high gloss.

sacramento boat repair
bottom02.jpg boat bottom repairs

Fiberglass is then sanded smooth.  Sanding and blending and area is followed by a color match and gel coat sprayed onto surface.  A final color sanding is followed by buffing.


sacramento boat repair

The Sea Ray was removed from trailer.  The broken fiberglass removed and the edges gound with a low angle bevel.  New layers of fiberglass were added.  Gelcoat color matched and applied with sanding and buffing to blend back in with original finish.

sacramento boat repair
sea rayboat bottom fiberglass repairs

Boat was removed from the trailer.  Fiberglass in a large area was ground back and appropriate laminations were added to develope original hull thickness and shape.  Hull sanded and shaped all corners sharpened.  Gel color matched and blended.

fiberglass repair sacramento

Bluewater is back on trailer and ready for service and family fun.


fiberglass repair sacramento
bluewater 013.jpg

This wake-board boat hit a large rock underwater at Folsom Lake.  Boat bottom fiberglass damage was extensive with the rudder tearing the bottom to the boat out.  The boat propeller lost two blades, prop shaft bent, strut broke in two, and rudder bent and rudder box cracked.  

fiberglass boat bottom repair sacramento
damaged boat rudder,  boat prop, boat strut

This boat bottom had major fiberglass damage from underwater collision with a large rock at Folsom Lake.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     .

fiberglass boat bottom repair sacramento
fiberglass bottom damage

Cobalt boat had a run in with a shallow sand/rock bar on Folsom Lake.

Cobalt Boat

The same Cobalt boat also had hull side damage to the gel coat in the two colors.

cobalt boat damage

More fiberglass boat bottom repair photos coming soon.


  The broken fiberglass was cut out and a mold made of the rudder bed and new fiberglass section was built back into the boat.  Other scrapes in the fiberglass and gelcoat were repaired and then the boat reassembled.
fiberglass boat bottom repair sacramento
boat rudder, boat strut, boat propellor, shaft

The boat was removed from it's trailer and place on stands.  Bottom fiberglass ground back to good fiberglass.  New laminations applied, sanded, shaped.  Gelcoat color matched and applied and blended in.

fiberglass boat bottom repair sacramento
bottom collision repair

Completed fiberglass and gel coat repairs to the Cobalt boat.


Gel coat was color matched and repaired with a invisible blend line.

cobalt boat damage repairs

More fiberglass boat bottom repair photos coming soon.


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